Our Vision

Faithfully Making Christ-like disciples For the nations.

Our Mission

By the grace of God, we are called to:
    WIN lost souls for Christ
    DEVELOP authentic worshippers
    PRODUCE equipped leaders
    SEND Christ-like disciple-makers
All for the glory of God.



The following are the Core Values of Fairview Christian Fellowship, which shall be practices with authentic relationships that are transparent, loving and honest:
1. Passionate Spirituality,
– characterized by consistent practice of spiritual disciplines of generous giving, reading of God’s Word, prayer and fasting, vibrant worship life, and relational wholeness;
2. Intentional Disciple-making,
– characterized by aggressive evangelism, accountability, relevant proclamation of the Word, replicating small group leadership, and systematic training of members and believers, and;
3. Transformational Ministries,
– encompassing cross-cultural missions, excellence in ministries and workplaces, and global church planting.



There are Five Main Ministries of Fairview Christian Fellowship working together, following the Cross Discipleship Architecture of Fairview Christian Fellowship seeing to it that intentional disciple-making journey is being done through Growth Groups. These Growth Groups are divided into two: the Evangelistic Growth Group which is handled by the Evangelism Ministry and the Nurturing Growth Group which is handled by the Nurture & C.AR.E. Ministry

These Five Major Ministries are:

Evangelism Ministry

Worship Ministry

Equipping Ministry

Missions Ministry

Nurture & C.A.R.E Ministry