To WIN lost souls for Christ

We aim to see the members of Fairview Christian Fellowship faithfully and actively sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by words and deeds, and by living lives that reflect the love and compassion of Jesus Christ for the world.
We believe that evangelism is also a process; beginning with the proclamation of the gospel, followed by a conscientious follow-up, and should have for its end the integration of the new believer into the church for baptism and membership.
Our evangelism is knowledgeable of the various cultural backgrounds, environments, and presuppositions that a non-believer may have. We are able to adapt to this diversity by creatively shaping our methods and materials, so that they respond to the specific needs of the new believer without compromising the content of the gospel. We also aim to meet not only the spiritual need of the new believer, but also the physical, emotional, social, and other needs that are present.
Exponential and dynamic growth groups are the heart of our church’s evangelistic ministry. Through these, we are able reach out to non-believers and in time, integrate them into a growth group that would assist and support them in their desire to know more about Jesus. Through evangelistic growth groups, fellowship, a sense of belonging, and acceptance are promoted toward non-believers. They are genuinely cared for by the growth group leader and other members of the growth group; and together they journey toward pursuing an intimate relationship with God.