October, 1981 – Rev. Walter Kurtz and his wife started having bible studies in their home. It grew big enough to start having worship services held in a carpark on Consul Street, East Fairview.
1982 Pastor Edgar Canonigo and the new church christened Fairview Christian Fellowship (FCF) moved to a bungalow on the corner of Commonwealth avenue and Winston street.
1983four MAC missionaries from the States and the Ciudad Real outreach began.
1984-1986 FCF moved to the old Regalado building on the corner of Commonwealth street and Regalado street. Pastor Ed Canonigo was sent on a church planting mission in Dagupan City, and Pastor Fidel Japos was taken as an interim pastor.
Resurrection Sunday sunrise service, 1987 – groundbreaking ceremonies for a lot along Pearl Drive began
1988 – The church moved to Pearl Drive and Pastor Onie Galo became the new pastor.
1990 – As FCF helped the growth of other churches, the Lord sent Korean and Latin Americans from Campus Crusade for Christ, and Dr. and Mrs. Bob Skivington to assist in FCF’s evangelism efforts.
1991 – Due to the lack of a pastor, and the lay leaders played an active role in FCF’s various ministries.
1992 – Pastor Jorge de Ramos took on the role of FCF’s new pastor. The Fairview Learning Center for Development (FLCD), now the Covenant of Grace School, was initiated. Cell groups are strengthened.
1993 – evangelism explodes. More ministries are started as members multiply.